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Forces come in pairs. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction; and forces that are working together push or pull in the same direction. They help each other and the force becomes that much greater.

For goodjobs and Vision Group, the sum is always greater than its parts. And we are charting this story together.

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How even a durian seller could adopt AI and make 100% more sales in a short time.


Mr. Durian receives numerous WhatsApp orders daily. His primary role is to take orders, open durians, pack, capture delivery addresses and other administrative matters (marketing & delivery) by himself. 


Mr Durian has successfully increased sales by 100% without worry! He uses AI to manage end to end services, assisting him to do easy effective marketing as a layman, sell automatically, and manage his post sales services, with no manpower struggles and management.

Immediate responses and tailored recommendations foster customer satisfaction and loyalty. With 24/7 availability, Mr. Durian gains time, reduces stress, and focuses on core business and customer relationships.

How a fashion retailer makes their high cost dream come true at a fraction of the cost.


A well-established fashion brand excelling in vintage and contemporary designs offers personalized shopping experiences. Transitioning to eCommerce, they struggle to maintain their signature service quality online. 


Through AI integration, the fashion retailer boosted his sales and saved massive cost. They have successfully maintained their commitment to personalized shopping experiences in the digital realm. Customers enjoy tailored consultations, efficient support, and enhanced service quality. The AI Manager leverages data to optimize strategies, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately bolstering the brand's reputation and success.

Bringing AI and meaningful technology to common ground 

AI is one of the defining technologies of our times. Most people have heard of AI and may have even encountered AI. But to harness the power of AI, and apply it to every solution, that itself is a different proposition. The breakthrough comes when AI is no longer the domain of large MNCs or key Agencies; and the benefits can be cascaded through to the common stakeholders. Stakeholders like small medium enterprises and even micro businesses and the gig economy. Stakeholders like the everyday common people.

We cannot do this alone. We have to find good like-minded partners to future-proof together.

Vision Tech is a leading Technology Group providing Innovation-As-A-Service (IAAS) solutions to clients across different enterprises and industry segments. VT is focused on driving adoption of AI, Blockchain and Cybersecurity to governments, enterprises and the wider masses,

And this is exactly what we wish to do - we wish to bring AI and meaningful technology to the common ground and to benefit everyone.

goodjobs.com.sg is a local free-to-list full-fledged community job portal with active on-ground engagement with the community via its series of job fairs, symposiums and events. It was officially launched in September 2021 and is supported by more than 1300-strong companies and organisations across industries and sectors. And the list is growing. To date, the portal has more than 43,000 active hiring positions for both PMETs as well as non-PMETs. It is also supported by 9 Trade Associations and Chambers.

Beyond jobs matching and jobs outreach, goodjobs advocate the importance of training, upgrading and up-skilling towards better career progression and development. At its core, goodjobs is all about sharing good ideas, building good human capital and winning together. 

How we will bring your business forward

  • Business development - AI and technology consultancy focusing on business profitability, sales and channels productivity and manpower efficiency.
  • Human capital development - skills, training, upgrading and futureproofing.
  • Community Eco-System for interdependency and peer support and networking.
  • Grants and applications.

Customer Engagement

AI Salescall

Human like call handling

Increase Conversion

Sell with convenience

VIP Experience building

Customer Satisfaction

Expert Advice

Internal Engagement

AI Analyst

Live operational data

management and

smart alert

Marketing, Content Generation, Articles, Training Materials

AI Support

Enhance internal


AI Coding Assistant


AI Instructor

Training, Coaching


AI Commerce

  • Automated Responses with recommendation
  • Automated Sales Purchase
  • Broadcast for outreach

AI Creator

  • Make marketing easy
  • Handles wide range of products & services
  • Manages campaigns & activities

AI Concierge

  • Consultative guided journey
  • Make it easy to make decision
  • Make an appointment

AI Customer Service

  • Handle issues immediately
  • Handle operational work
  • Damage control

AI Calls

  • Prospecting
  • Recruiting
  • Call Center

Freestyle Conversation

Hyper Personalisation

Supports Up To 22 Languages*

Quick & 24/7 Response Time

Scale Effortlessly

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